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Subject: Let's here it for fat chicks!

You guys are the best!! By FAR the best website I have ever joined. I'm amazed that you get all these women to strip down, get nasty, and have sex with you. So many fat girls and so little time. I love the pictures you take on your couch. Nothing like those kneeling pics where they're spreading their nice big asses.... yum yum... Exactly the kinds of pictures I would be taking if I were there. These chicks are all hot. And the amount of updates you do is fantastic. Keep up the good work!

I just don't get it. You get tons of women. The number of updates you have is staggering. How do you do it??

Subject: Site comments

I love the site, keep it up! Hands down, the best BBW site out there.... no bullshit either. God I love America, home of the fat undersexed housewife. More Amber please!!

Subject: Just gotta say

Just gotta say this is just about the best site I've ever visited. Keep it up!!!

Love Annette's vids, please post more!

Subject: Your site is the best!

I recently joined your site and I just wanted to say that you guys are doing a great job. The women are awesome, especially Jayden and Martha. Please post more of them.

Subject: Great Site

I kinda stumbled on your site by accident and, I must say, I haven't been disappointed yet. Your stable of girls is unbelievable. I especially like Fantasy Red and Lupe. I have been impressesed with how often updates are posted. A lot of other sites could learn a lot from you guys. Keep up the awesome work.

Subject: New member

I just became a new member to AllKindsOfGirls and I love it! It is great to see real women. I joined for the bondage there are so few real women in bondage. Thanks I hope you will do more and better bondage with the girls. I would really like to see Betty in bondage thanks and keep up the good work.

Subject: You Guys Rock!


What a site you've got going. I love the chicks you've managed to take pictures of. I'm a fat-chick fan and I really get off on ordinary women that want sex. Something about a girlie that would normally blend into the croud being horny and wanting sex. It's especially hot that they feel comfortable enough to bare it all for us.

You're latest edition of Tany has got me going! Already whacked 3 times to her. Hot Hot hot!

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